Is Your School Lying To You? Get The Career You Want, Get The Life You Deserve.

: Edd Williams

  The world is changing. Education is changing, but careers and university advice isn’t, and more than that it hasn’t for the last 30 years. The teachers we are entrusting with our children’s futures lack the essential skills and experience to competently advise them – a view that is also held by employers, Ofsted, The Department for Education, The Sutton Trust, and other think-tanks.   Is Your School Lying to You? Get The Career You Want. Get The Life You Deserve. is the complete, comprehensive ‘how to’ academic and careers guide aimed at every student considering their options. It is for anyone who is struggling with their decisions, those who want some clear advice about what they should be doing and when, or those who know exactly what they want but aren’t sure how to go about it.  In fact, it’s aimed at every student who cares about their future. This book offers real world insights about how to identify what you really want from your life, how to plot your academic journey and its impact on your career prospects, how to write your personal statement or CV, advice from successful people from a variety of industries, best practice for interviews, work experience, internships and a host of other critical skills to help achieve your goals – even if you don’t know what those goals might yet be.       Edd Williams is a successful recruitment consultant and has many years of experience in dealing with industry, speaking to employers, looking at CVs, prepping people for interviews and helping people of all ages access the careers of their choice.  He is also an academic and careers consultant, school governor, parent and regular blogger. Read more…

Win. Lose. Repeat: My Life As A Gambler, From Coin-Pushers to Financial Spread-Betting

: Chris Stringman

Chris Stringman gambled, and lost £130,000, destroying his savings, losing his car and almost his house, but he managed to escape his addiction just before he fell over the precipice.  This is not a book about how to win, rather a book about how not to lose – essentially a self-help book for the delusional gambler.   The author explores the gambling industry in a way that hasn’t been done before.  His personal demon was spread-betting and much of the book is focused on that industry.  He explains how it operates, how it sucks gamblers in and keeps them there.  He goes on to look at high-street bookies, fruit machines, casinos, poker and bingo.  He also looks at how and why we gamble.   Full of humour throughout and written in an accessible style, the book sets out to entertain as well as educate.  Stringman has produced a handbook for both the gambling addict and those who see it as ‘just’ an innocent hobby.  He gives practical guidance on how to escape the clutches of gambling and how to spot the signs in others.   Chris Stringman is originally from England.  He has worked as a teacher and is currently living with his family in Germany. Read more…