Living for Two: Twin Loss Stories

by Pia Rockstrom, translated by Johanna Bjorkell


Twin loss presents a unique sense of grief for the surviving twin. 

This book addresses the topic of twin loss through sensitive, in-depth interviews with surviving twins. The loss of one’s twin presents a unique sense of grief in that twins have shared their lives with each other from their very first heartbeats, and often share a special bond. These interviews highlight this relationship between twins and the strong sense of grief experienced by the living twin when one of them dies, at any point in their lives.  

Interviewees describe how they encountered grief and how they found a way forward, sharing deeply personal aspects of their lives along with photos. The title “Living for two” alludes to what many lonely twins experience, that they have been given the chance that their twin did not get, and now must live for two. The surviving twin feels an unconscious expectation to take advantage of life and do something meaningful. Many of the twins also feel that they have their dead twin with them as a strength in life.


Pia Rockström has worked as a journalist for nearly 25 years. She is the author of two previous books. She is also a triplet who lost one of her sisters a few hours after birth.

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