Kitchen Therapy

How to Become a Conscious Cook.

By Charlotte Hastings

Released 28/06/2024 - ORDER HERE

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Kitchen Therapy is a cookery book and psychotherapeutic adventure in one, explaining the rationale behind the use of food as a therapeutic medium. Rather than focusing on physical nutrition alone, Kitchen Therapy explores the psychological, social and spiritual dimensions food holds for us. In a mechanised, materialistic world solely focused on what we can measure, this presents a return to the kitchen as a place of creativity, nurture and intuitive connection. A place where one can listen and respond to the needs of the psyche, rewilding the human spirit.

This book is for anyone interested in applying creative, inclusive self-development, with edible spirituality that you can practise in the kitchen.  Practitioners in the helping professions will find ideas for self-care, community and client practice, with useful material for creative therapy and attachment courses.

Hastings has been working in the caring professions for thirty years where she uses knowledge of teaching to help people meet their emotional needs through food. Her initial training as a psychodynamic therapist has been combined with a systemic, family-informed practice, as well as her own anthropological background. A recipe of personal and professional experience following a childhood split between three generations of complex family and cultural dynamics, has paved the way for Kitchen Therapy.

Contemporary ethno-anthropology tells us that, in contrast to our ape ancestors, sharing food is central to what makes us human: company, com panis, shared bread. In this original, honest, unputdownable and loveable book, Hastings shows how communal cooking is both physiology and symbol, history and present moment, life support and social bond, convenstion and creativity, pleasure and – with Klein, Bowlby and Winnicott in the wings – potentially novel form of therapy. Gnaw at it, enjoy it, try its recipes – satisfaction guaranteed. Jeremy Holmes, Hon Professor of Psychological Therapies, University of Exeter, UK

Kitchen Therapy brings a surprising, playful, and embodied new dimension to psychotherapy. Food – its preparation and consumption – is replete with ancient, communal meanings. What a wonderful pathway into psyche! Lisa Marchiano, LCSW, NCPsyA, Writer, Jungian Analyst, Podcaster

In this truly unique publication, Hastings intergrates her expertise in the two seemingly disparate fields of psychotherapy and coooking with great creativity and optimisim. I deeply recomment this extremely memorable book, based on a vast range of experience, to every single human being. Professor Brett Kahr, Author, and Senoir Fellow at the Tavistock Institue of Medical Psychology in London

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