Counselling Women in Violent Relationships

Lockley, Paul.



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Violence against women is a serious and very common social problem which, paradoxically, is still under-resourced and little understood. Paul Lockley guides the reader through the reality of such violence and different perceptions of it. This leads to an examination of how the distorting lens of theory can rationalize such abusive behaviour, with the result that helpers can not only fail to be of assistance, but also put women at risk. This is a comprehensive and practical handbook in which the author, letting his clients do the talking, combines a hands-on approach with the application of recent research and established theory. The outcome is not just a call for counsellors to have a grasp of practical needs, an awareness of risks, and an empathy and non-judgmental view of clients. It also calls for a radical review of person-centre counselling wherein the skills, values and understanding are all shaped to take account of the power imbalance in violent relationships. This book should prove invaluable for counsellors, social workers, support workers or befrienders involved or likely to be involved in counselling women in violent relationships.

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