New Directions in Transactional Analysis Counselling

Midgley, David.


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This is a handbook on the theory and practice of transactional analysis, describing its main features and how its principles can be used in the context of different models of counselling. Applied Transactional Analysis deals with personal and relationship issues which are characteristic of the contemporary social scene. Physis, ‘the growth force of nature … which takes the happiness of others into consideration’ was one of the philosophical foundations on which Berne developed TA but it has been neglected until recently. In this book it is restored to its proper place so that the ‘total human being’ is seen in terms of a person’s creative relationships with others and as a member of a living community-organism. An invaluable reference source, David Midgley’s book should be read not only by students of counselling but also experienced counsellors and caseworkers. Of particular value to new counsellors is a substantial thesaurus of techniques, therapeutic interventions and ethical guidance for use in practical work with clients.


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