Personality of Organisation CB

Stapley, Lionel.


IBSN: 9781853433412 Category:


Over the past twenty years, the topic of organisational culture has exploded into a plethora of publications, courses, seminars and workshops. Authors and experts have proceeded, one after another, to attempt to define this intriguing but difficult concept. Lionel Stapley believes that these current theories about organisational culture fail because they concentrate on simple, surface issues. They make no attempt to deal with underlying, unconscious processes. Emotions run deep in organisations as much as they do in any other sphere of life especially when an organisation is going through a period of change. Using concepts and tools from psychoanalysis, the author tries to help us understand the collective feelings of members of organisations; to emphasise the role of unconscious processes in the creation of a culture and its importance to the management of change. Through a progressive structure, the book gives a thorough grounding in both theory and insights. This book is written for all those who want to develop a deeper understanding of organisations and how they work; academics and students of management and organisation, consultants and managers.

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