Let’s Talk to Barney

Listening to Foster Children's Voices About Staying Connected with Family

by Catherine Macaskill, Celia Borland, Jonathan Lacey, Rachel Lacey and Dr. Wendy Cunnah



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Listening to children is a vital aspect of social work practice.

‘Let’s talk to Barney; Listening to foster children’s voices about staying connected

with family’ is written in a child friendly manner. It is an activity book, suitable for

professionals to use with foster children in the age range 5-10 years. It is the type of

book which encourages professionals to engage in an interactive manner with foster


Its primary aim is to let the voices of foster children be heard in relation to how they

feel about maintaining a relationship with different members of their birth family. It

focuses on the story of a dog.

The material obtained by social workers through using this tool can then be used in


contact planning and when reviewing contact plans.

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