Discover Attachment Theory: showing how our earliest Attachments affect us all throughout our lives

Joan Woodward


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Written in straightforward language, and accessible to the average reader, Discover Attachment Theory is the first of a series of short books which will show how Attachment Theory can be relevant to everybody.

Thirty years ago, Joan Woodward coined the phrase ‘Neurotic Solutions’ as a way of describing how we all develop our highly individual ‘sense of self’ as a result of how we respond to our Attachment experiences from birth onwards.  In the intervening years, and through her work as a psychotherapist, Woodward became interested in the people who have deeply rooted patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which come from their ‘sense of self.’ These patterns of behaviour often cause them severe suffering, but they find it too painful and difficult to change.  This book outlines what she has learnt.

Woodward’s purpose is to enable readers to understand and think about the process of ‘Neurotic Solutions’ and to apply what they learn to the ways they relate to themselves and to others.  This short book gives her enlightening and highly readable thoughts on ‘Neurotic Solutions,’ updating and clarifying her previous work.

Joan Woodward is the author of a number of titles, including The Lone Twin, published by Free Association Books.

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