Beyond Beige

A woman's illustrated story of old age

By Sylvie Boulay

Released 28/02/2024

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One woman’s story of getting old, told exactly as it is. 

“I am old. There was no warning: one minute I was young and the next I tipped into the world of old women.


This book is about the joys and horrors of our old age. It will show you the uncensored reality of my experience and that of women who confided in me. You will find humour, despair, and some gritty bits but absolutely no euphemisms.


You will either say ‘Yes, that’s me!’ or ‘Thank goodness this hasn’t happened to me!”

Unflinching, honest, and relatable, this illustrated book is neither a celebration of nor a complaint about old age. It is the simple, unadorned truth of a life. Fully illustrated throughout with cartoons and drawings, this fantastic new title shines the brightest of lights on ageing as a woman. 

Sylvie Boulay is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has extensive experience working with clients with addiction problems.  Her work has appeared in several journals.  Born in Paris, she now lives in London. She is the author of Take Charge of Your Diet, also published by Ortus Press.

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