Think You Don’t Want What You’ve Got? Wrong!

Adam Jukes’ New Book Expands on ‘The Mad Hypothesis’

If you’re having a hard time in any aspect of your life (relationship, career, family), the last thing you want to hear is that your bad situation is exactly the situation you want to be in. But that’s just what Adam Jukes is telling us in his latest book. It’s worth hearing him out, though! Our unconscious desires may be driving our behaviours and keeping us in dead-end jobs or unhappy relationships, but with some real thought and attention, we can see those desires for what they are. If we work with Jukes’ ‘Mad Hypothesis’, we can start to really change our behaviours and build better relationships and more satisfying lives.

The ‘Mad Hypothesis’ – so called because it might seem ‘mad’ at first glance – states: ‘You are responsible for everything that is wrong with your relationship including any behavior of your partner which you use to justify, excuse, or in any other way account for your own behavior towards him/her, or the world in general.’ This idea, which Jukes first introduced in his work with abusive men and later developed and expanded to include in his work with all his patients including women, is central to his therapeutic approach. In the book, he provides several examples of how the hypothesis is borne out in various patients, and once you see its validity, you can see how it applies to your own life.

Jukes applies this theory to issues such as anxiety, sulking, masochism, and attachment. The book includes case studies that show why his theories and practices work. Therapists can use this book as a tool when working with patients, and non-professionals can use it as a guide in their own lives as they strive to truly understand themselves.

Exploring your unconscious desires is difficult work, but if you do this, you can begin to use different behaviours and achieve different results—the results you want.

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