Why in the World not?

An Introduction to Daseinanalysis

by Miles Groth


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Why in the world not? aims to make daseinanalysis accessible to the English-speaking reader while retaining cross-references to the original texts, many of which were written in German. The author does not assume prior familiarity with daseinanalysis, a modality of psychotherapy based on Martin Heidegger’s analysis of existence. His purpose is to fill the existing gap in knowledge of the historical and theoretical origins of the modality, its principles of practice, and curricula for the preparation of practitioners. 

This book is a response to the renaissance of interest in daseinanalysis during the last five years, especially the formation of the American Daseinsanalystic Institute, which takes its place among other institutes around the world.  It  will be of interest to graduate or post-graduate clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. It will also be an important text for readers familiar with Heidegger but perhaps not aware of his impact on psychiatry and psychotherapy.

The volume includes an exhaustive review of the publications of Medard Boss which are, in effect, the written history of the genesis and development of daseinanalysis.

Miles Groth is a Professor Emeritus in Psychology at Wagner College. He is the author of Medard Boss and the Promise of Therapy (Free Association Books 2020) and the editor of Martin Heidegger’s Impact on Psychotherapy (Free Association Books 2021).

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