Unhappy Children: Reasons and Remedies

Smith, Heather


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When children’s emotional needs are not met, they become unhappy. This text reveals their distress both at home and at school through fear, anxiety and often troublesome behaviour which is not easy to comprehend or understand. Three fundamental questions run through this book. What are the situations a child might encounter when growing up that can lead to a threat to his or her emotional well being? What emotional needs are not being met? What can be done to help that child recover a sense of well being and move on? In dealing with these questions the emphasis throughout the text is on the child’s feelings but not to the exclusion of the feelings of the parents, since both are inevitably interwoven. The book presents the emotional problems of children in depth, and a variety of ways of dealing with those problems. Heather Smith’s text is illustrated throughout with examples of children the author has encountered.

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