The Broad Spectrum Psychotherapist

Bramley, Wyn


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This book preserves the best aspects of psychoanalytic tradition while giving “hands-on” help to the modern-day, hard-pressed psychotherapist who works in mental health services. These services address the needs of a mixed general population producing clinical pictures unheard of a hundred years ago. To ensure that therapy is tailored to each patient, rather than the other way around, the book places great emphasis on the Assessment, itself a therapy in miniature, upon which the whole treatment package will be based. Wyn Bramley takes the reader stage by stage through the Assessment, which can take place over several sessions, frequently illustrating her argument and discussion with case examples: making the Alliance, separating out transference, finding the Dynamic Formulation, and then making the Contract. There follows a detailed presentation on advanced therapy, how to work with mature transference, and how to use interventions in a well-established treatment.

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