The Alchemy of Performance Anxiety: Transformation for Artists

Clare Hogan - PB


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With mental health increasingly in the spotlight, this book offers a new perspective on anxiety.  The focus of this book is on the application of psychological alchemical practice to address, explore and examine the nature and cause of anxiety in order to tackle and overcome it. It has never been more relevant to illustrate the reality that scientific, artistic and spiritual understanding, together with practical application, has the capacity to eliminate anxiety and gain personal control, liberation and fulfilment.

The first half of the book identifies the issues to be considered and the second half explains and illustrates the alchemical practices with which to approach them.  While the book puts a slight emphasis on musical performance, it is made clear at the outset that performance concerns everyone and the contents, therefore, apply universally. Music is simply a very clear example.

The book is designed as a personal development book rather than a scholarly work and, although it is relevant to all ages (depending on timing), it was written with 18 – 30 year olds being the main inspiration through apparent and ever increasing necessity.

It is a source book that can be dipped into anywhere or launch further investigation into any of the various disciplines and practices covered. Alchemy has the capacity to bind it all together and the alchemy of performance can become a way of life for anyone.

After completing her GMus. at the RNCM, Clare went on to research for a Masters at Keele University, then well known for its double honours awards, with particular emphasis on music and psychology. She was made Resident Tutor there and embarked on developing a post-graduate course on ‘The Psychology of Performance’ which she subsequently took to the University of Salford and which continues to evolve after 20 years. Her book ‘The Alchemy of Performance Anxiety: Transformation for Artists’ is one of its core texts and is available to buy. Much of her work involves coaching and supporting those with issues surrounding performance, anxiety, and mortality in their various guises. As a musician her expertise lies in classical vocal technique which she teaches at conservatoire level and above, alongside group performance classes for both singers and pianists. Her private practice also includes individual vocal technique and repertoire.

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