Street Talk: Not Angry, But Hurting

Pip Hockton 



Written by the founder of ‘Street Talk’ – a charity which takes therapy to women in street prostitution, this unique title sheds light on this marginalised and forgotten group.

Pip Hockton defines the clinical model which has emerged in order to support the practise within Street Talk, to ensure that those carrying out the work, as well as those who might carry it forward, have a clear understanding of the model.   The author has worked with this group of women for more than thirteen years and has learnt a vast amount from them – she is still learning to this day.

Street Talk’s therapists are all highly trained and have discovered ways of engaging with these women by applying principles of object relations theory.  A central guiding principle is to help the women encounter their own humanity, to make human contact, to listen and hear their stories. This is not an easy task, we hear of the barriers to engagement and how they can be overcome by patience, compassion, courage and faith that listening, hearing and bearing witness can help release deep wounds.

The voices of the women come across vividly as the therapeutic approach pioneered by the authors is told through their stories.

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