Psychoanalytic Politics: Jacques Lacan and Freud’s French Revolution

Turkle, Sherry

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At the heart of the French psychoanalytic movement of the 60’s was Lacan’s reconstruction of Freudian theory, a ‘reinvention’ of psychoanalysis that resonated with French culture in the aftermath of the uprisings of 1968. The story of why Lacan’s work so profoundly influenced the French psyche is told clearly and unerringly by Sherry Turkle in this groundbreaking work, first published in 1978. Psychoanalytic Politics now contains two illuminating new additions. An extensive preface explains Lacan’s impact on the French by laying out a theory of the conditions for the dissemination and acceptance of a set of philosophical position by a culture. ‘Dynasty 1991′ provides a fascinating portrayal of the last years of Lacan’s life, the intrigue and power struggles that resulted in the break up of the Freudian school he founded and the events that unfolded in the years following his death in 1981.


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