Now What?

Education, Career and Life Choices: How to plan, adaprt and embrace your inner entrepreneur in the post-covid world. 



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Now What? Is a reference book and guide offering practical advice to teenagers as they approach the key decisions regarding their futures, whether it be careers, university, apprenticeships or something else. The follow up to the No. 1 bestselling Amazon career guide, ‘Is your school lying to you?’ offers all new insights into the need for self reliance, adaptability and entrepreneurial spark to navigate and succeed in the new, post pandemic marketplace they’ll be entering as adults.

An honest, fresh and deliberately unacademic take on the evergreen issue of how best to advise teens on their choices free from bias and parental expectation. Now What? Challenges the myth that school will take care of this and empowers students to embrace their opportunities, achieve their goals and through self reliance, realise their ambitions. 

Edd Williams is a successful recruitment consultant and has many years of experience in dealing with industry, speaking to employers, looking at CVs, prepping people for interviews and helping people of all ages access the careers of their choice.  He is also an academic and careers consultant, school governor, parent and regular blogger.

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