Mind-body Communication in Hypnosis

Erickson, Milton H. Rossi, Ernest Lawrence Ryan, Margaret O


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Seminars, Workshops and Lectures of Milton H. Erickson

More than any other individual, Milton Erickson has been responsible for shaping the modern view of hypnosis. His great contribution came from his ability to locate an individual’s innter resources for coping creativley with the real problems of everyday life. Erickson himself endured two bouts of polio and was in a wheelchair throughout much of his later life. He learned to use the healing methods of self-hypnosis to deal with his handicaps and uncover ways of experiencing living at more profound levels. His delight in teaching these methdos of self-healing are clearly shown in these transcriptions of his seminars, workshops and lectures. Volume III contains much of the source material wherein Erickson first expressed his original views on psychosomatic medicine and healing. Here we learn hwo the languages of the mind communicate with the languages of the body. His research validates the view that psyche, mind, and brain are pervasively integrated in modulating body processes in health and illness. The ‘miracle cures’, spontaneous remissions of lethal diseases, and placebo effects, which seemed inexplicable to the scientific mind until recently, can how be understood as manifestations of mind-body information systems that extend far beyond the limitations formerly placed on the central nervous system. Edited by Milton Erickson, Ernest Rossi, Ernest Lawrence and Margaret O. Ryan.


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