Development and Diversity: New Applications in Art Therapy

Sandle, Doug


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This new collection edited by Doug Sandle represents some of the best and most interesting examples of the widening application of art therapy. The contributors – all experienced art therapists – cover such topics as family trauma, work with children with learning difficulties and with autism, with criminal offenders, anorexics, the sexually abused and with people who stammer.The new developments represented in this book have implications not just for the profession of Art Therapy but also for methods of practice. They point up the challenge of new methodologies which focus on process rather than on the finished image. They remind practitioners how stylistic and aesthetic elements, as well as content, can provide therapeutic insights.Providing a rich diversity of approach, this collection will be essential reading for all students and practitioners requiring the broadest and most up-to-date statement of the current status of art therapy.

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Paperback, Hardback

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