Counselling for Depression

Lockley, Paul


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Written by Paul Lockley, the author of the best-selling Counselling Heroin and Other Drug Users and Counselling Women in Violent Relationships, this book is another highly practical guide for therapists and those who are seeking to help depressed people. Paul Lockley shows how to employ techniques which open up life again for the depressed. His method requires the active participation of depressed clients for a successful outcome. Lockley explores the cognitive aspects of depression, how feelings affect the thinking process, and thinking influences feelings. He views depression as a continuum, ranging from mild feelings of being unnaturally ‘down’ to the disabling severe clinical state. This absence of labeling allows clients to help themselves through taking greater control of their situation. The therapist becomes the enabler to the client, who learns to work constructively within a gradually expanding environment. Enabling self-help begins with ensuring that clients are well informed about their condition, able to normalise rather than to ‘psychiatrise’ it. They are also helped to work towards accepting their feelings and learning how best to deal with them on a day-to-day basis. The book discusses the sometimes unhelpful modification of feelings through the use of alcohol or drugs. Practical measures are explained whereby clients can help themselves through work at home, doing their own exercises of relaxation, guided imagination, and journal work. Tackling depression should be supplemented, where relevant, by more specific counselling for past abuse, loss or grief. Work, family and personal stress should also reviewed be as possible contributory factors. This book is drawn from Paul Lockley’s extensive experience in counselling for depression. It is both informative and inspiring.

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