Control the Controller: Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction

Ciaran O'Connor



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Ciaran O’Connor looks at how gaming and addiction have come together so rapidly in recent years.  Mobile based gaming and free-to-play games have revolutionised the gaming world – but what are the implications of this?  And how does it affect current thinking on addiction?

 Control the Controller addresses gamers, their families, mental health professionals and game developers in this thorough and fascinating discussion of the nature of video game addiction.  Many questions are answered including how we can recognise a gaming addiction, what causes it, and what we can do to return an addict to healthy behaviour.  A step by step process for this is outlined by the author, making this an invaluable title for all affected by video game addiction and all those who encounter it.

The disease model, the addictive personality and the indications from neuroscience are all considered before looking at gaming addiction as an escape from distress – the book’s chosen stance on addiction. This is then expanded upon by looking at how pressures, both internal and external, can encourage a flight into games.

Ciaran O’Connor is a counsellor and psychotherapist who has worked with both gamers and games designers.  He has written extensively online and in journals and he lives and works in Brighton, England.

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