Born Beautiful: How Counselling Theory Can Enrich Our Parenting


“There is so much that we can learn from the client/counsellor relationship that would help us understand what it is to be a child in a world full of adults and so enrich our parent/child relationships and all our child/adult relationships. Most importantly the counsellor can provide what was unavailable in early relationships. Key words in the relationship with the counsellor are: trust, closeness, flexibility, encouragement, warmth, safety, mutuality, caring, compassion, kindness. These are words parents can incorporate into their relationships with their children as well.” 

Jane Teverson expertly explains how counselling theory can be used by parents throughout the child’s life, from infancy to adolescence, and makes a case for compassionate parenting.  With helpful summaries at the end of each chapter and an accessible writing style, this book has a wide appeal. With real, usable advice and examples for parents, Born Beautiful  is an essential addition to any parent’s library.


Jane Teverson has worked as a counsellor for over twenty years.  Her initial training was in Person Centred Counselling but, because of an interest in unconscious processes, she gained her accreditation in Psychodynamic Counselling.  Both disciplines informed her work.

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