Beyond Health: Postmodernism and Embodiment

Fox, Nick.


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This study applies poststructuralist and post-modern ideas to issues of health and health care to provide a radical re-think of how health is to be understood. Dr. Nick Fox offers a perspective in which health is seen as an affirmation of potential rather than a narrow biopsychosocial construct. The author develops his notion of archehealth, providing an account of a wide range of post-structuralist and post-modern theoretical perspectives and their relevance to the field of health. The book is divided into three sections; the first section explores issues of power and control in health settings; the second looks ta resistance to such power and control; the final section addresses ways in which post-structuralist and post-modern approaches may be used as research methodology. In each chapter the author explains and apllies a selection of theoretical perspectives. These include Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard, Deleuze, Guattari, Cixous, Haraway, Kristeva, Beck, Barthes, Tyler, Landow, Bauman, Cascardi, Baudrillard and Atkinson.

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