Balancing the Request to be Good: Visit to the Outskirts of Child Psychotherapy

Cameron, Sheila

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Balancing the Request to be Good presents an inspiring account of the development of a special therapeutic facility within a child guidance day unit, and the work that went on there. Increasingly troubled by the ineffectiveness of her work with young children in that unit, Sheila Cameron set about finding a more enlightened response to their emotional and behavioural difficulties. Drawing heavily on some of the well-established practices of art, play and child psychotherapy, she places particular emphasis on the inter-related use of sand trays and a procedure called Talk and Draw. Central to the provision are conditions in which children feel as ‘free’ and ‘safe’ as possible to give constructive, creative expression to their concerns, no matter how bad or bizarre they might perceive them to be. The author takes the reader through detailed descriptions of the materials employed and discusses the ideas underlying their use. Assisted by case studies of individual children and many touching examples of their words and images, she arrives at a treatment approach which should appeal to children and workers in a variety of settings. At a time of growing concern about how best to help and sustain children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, this text offers a thoughtful and practical response. The author’s integrity and wisdom shines through every page, for she has remained true to the quest to learn from experience.

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