Alcohol: Minimising the Harm

Plant, Martin; Single, Eric & Stockwell, Tim


IBSN: 9781853433580 Category:


Alcohol-related problems constitute a major cause for concern at local, national and international level. This presents a non ideological and pragmatic review of the effectiveness of key strategies designed to achieve a significant reduction in levels of problem drinking. These strategies are described and critically assessed by some of the world’s leading authorities on the use of alcohol and its related problems. Harm Minimisation distinguishes itself from attempts to reduce the harmful consequence of drinking in situations where drinking can be expected to take place. The decision to drink is accepted as a fact. This book is wide ranging and international in scope, including evidence from non-industrial societies. The evidence is considered within the context of the history of alcohol control policies and the ongoing polemic concerning the harm minimisation approach to problems associated not only with alcohol but also tobacco and illicit drugs. Strategies and policies are critically and pragmatically assessed in the light of the question, ‘What works?’. Edited by Martin Plant, Eric Single and Tim Stockwell.

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