A Dictionary of Kleinian Thought

Hinshelwood, Robert


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The ideas of Melanie Klein and the post-Kleinians have a growing influence among psychoanalysts yet they are not always easy to grasp. Robert¬†Hinshelwood offers the first comprehensive and wholly accessible exposition of the main concepts in Kleinian psychoanalysis and their more recent development. The book contains 13 main entries on the basic Kleinian concepts – splitting, paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions, projective identification, envy, internal objects – along with numerous entries on subsidiary concepts and the main post-Kleinian writers – Bion, Segal, Rosenfeld, Joseph and Meltzer. The book also has a bibliography of all Kleinian writings to date. It has already been acclaimed ‘a tremendous’ piece of work’ and as ‘the state of the art in its own domain’.

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