Is There a Cure for Masculinity?

: Jukes, Adam.

Have you ever wondered? * Why it’s so hard to get close to a man. * Why don’t men express emotions except big ones like anger and frustration? * Why most perversion is male; why most pornography is produced by men for men? Risk taking is male; drinking, drug taking, gambling and infidelity are predominantly the preserve of men? * Why most criminal behavior is perpetrated by men? Why thevast majority of domestic abuse and violence is perpetrated by men? * Why men are so concerned with the size of their penis and its symbolic substitutes – big, powerful cars, status, big houses, big money, and big muscles? * Why can’t men tolerate vulnerability? * Why men lie, don’t listen, don’t do housework, parenting? The answers to these questions, is the aim of this book. The author asks what it means to be a man, and what part masculinity play in men’s identity. What is it like to have to spend so much time and energy in managing that identity? Adam Jukes has spent most of his professional life working with troubled and disturbed men, and in 1984 he opened one of the world’s first treatment centers to address men’s abusive and violent behavior towards women, from verbal and emotional abuse through to stalking and murder. In the following decades that work developed into a clinical examination of masculinity and the author now shares his insights and conclusions with the reader. Adam Juke’s conclusions about what constructs masculinity and how it develops may be unpalatable to some but it is also thought provoking and intriguing to anyone who has an interest in these issues whether professional or personal, male or female, wife or lover, sister or brother, husband or father. Read more…

Sad Dad: An Exploration of Postnatal Depression in Fathers

: Olivia Spencer

Can fathers really get postnatal depression? What does this mean for their children and partners? How can we tell if a father is depressed? What can be done about it? Why has it gone undetected and under-acknowledged for so long? In a ground breaking project, the author explores recent research and  begins by asking whether the phenomenon is real. After interviewing a number of prominent experts she reaches a conclusion which will surprise many and could cause a shift in perceptions about childbirth. The author uses first hand accounts from fathers as well as contributions from experts like world-renowned obstetrician Michel Odent, writer and academic Andrew Solomon, psychotherapist Adam Jukes, paediatrician Aldo Naouri, and Jeszemma Garratt of the Fatherhood Institute who shed unique light on this potentially controversial but hitherto virtually unrecognised problem. Olivia Spencer is a writer and researcher living in London with her children and their father. Read more…

Control the Controller: Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction

: Ciaran O'Connor

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