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Therapists on Therapy

Published Date: 8th August 2015

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Mullan, Robert


Many books on psychotherapy present an almost mythological view of the therapeutic enterprise. At the very least, from the outside, it can seem mysterious. Little is known of the actual work of such healers. Therapists mostly write for and talk to other therapists. There is an ethical code that mitigates against revealing information on their patients in order to protect them. For these reasons, there is scant public understanding and, even within the profession, limited knowledge of what therapists actually do once they have progressed beyond training and are working on their own. In this book by Bob Mullan, twenty therapists from a range of practices – Jungian, existential, gestalt, rebirthing, psychosynthesis psychoanalytical, transpersonal and others – talk in detail about their work and its potential role in society creating an illuminating and intimate account of the world of psychotherapy.


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