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Peace Fire: Fragments from the Israel-Palestine Story

Published Date: 6th August 2015

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Casey, Ethan; Hilder, Paul.


Events in the Middle East have rushed forward so dizzyingly since mid-2000 that even close observers could be pardoned for losing track, not to mention hope. In this book, 107 contributors offer individual perspectives on the deepening crisis in Israel-Palestine, providing a ground-level understanding, from every angle, of the collapse of peace. “Peace Fire” aligns the chronology of recent history with personal diaries alongside thoughtful analyses – some passionate, others disinterested (and a few that have already been proved wrong) – and weaves together the intemperate opinions, anger, hatred and confusion of the crisis. It spreads out from personal experiences of tragedy, conflict and hope at the epicentre to touch on the alarming global ripple effects, with contributors ranging from those on both sides directly affected to expert observers around the world. “Peace Fire” is a collective diary of the Israel-Palestine conflict in its greatest crisis for 35 years. The recent maelstrom on the West Bank has dominated the world’s newspapers but left people feeling powerless and uncomprehending. This book, edited by Ethan Casey and Paul Hilder, shows what is driving the crisis and whether there’s a way out of the abyss.


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