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Freud’s Scientific Revolution: A Reading of His Early Works

Published Date: 14th December 2016

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Saul Haimovich


Originally published in Hebrew, the book presents the first thorough analysis of Freud’s Project for a Scientific Psychology for Neurologists while relating to all its strata (evolutionary, physiological, psychological and linguistic) and deciphering their complex internal integration.  Its conclusions challenge the accepted literature by presenting a re-evaluation of the text’s place in the Freudian revolution.


The author of this uncompromising book provides the reader with a richer and more intellectually stimulating framework than previously available for the study and interpretation of Freud’s work.  The importance of this book, the outcome of a meticulous reading of Freud’s early work, lies in the author’s description of Freud’s efforts to develop a new scientific paradigm, rooted in his understanding that the mind-body problem lacks content.


Intended for psychoanalysts, philosophers of science, literary critics, Freudians, anti-Freudians, as well as the interested lay-reader, this book provides a fascinating analysis of Freud’s early works.


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