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Dying to Live

Published Date: 7th August 2015

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Midgley, David


David Midgley’s autobiography describes the author’s own Life Script; from childhood failure and humiliation, to recovery, transactional analysis and a career in casework and counselling as a probation officer. Midgley writes about his training to be a psychotherapist, his experience of personal therapy, training workshops, and the trauma of deferment at a Final Exam Board before he eventually qualifies as a clinical transactional analyst. After his early retirement from the Probation Service the author describes how he established a successful private practice. Experiencing conflict between his humanist professional stance, the growing awareness that there is more to the remarkable pattern of his life than mere chance, finally precipitates a crisis and professional burnout. David Midgley’s richly varied life has taken him into military intelligence, probation and prison work, television and radio presenting, preaching and lecturing, counselling and psychotherapy and, finally – after motor neurone disease had robbed him of mobility and the ability to speak coherently – writing.


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